Neoglass Mosaic

These are times of new discoveries, inspired digressions, temporary breaks from tradition and a gaze stolen bya changing horizon.
The artist blends powders and colours, shaping, not just imagining, constructing forms that dare beyond the boundaries of convention.

This is the sense of the modemity confirmed by the NeoGlass collection, the artistic and rechnological heritage of SICIS.

Cubes, Domes, Barrells in a new colour range featuring the additional new format of the Petite Fleur collection, a little six-petal flower: these are the basic units of the NeoGlass mosaic, now able to evoke the luxury ofvaluable damasks, the extravagance of pop hallucinations in a cosmopolitan, contemporary city.

Particularly resistant to time and wear in an infinity of colour variants, NeoGlass glass is 6 mm thick, granting each tile unparalleled robustness, and rising up to challenge marble's prime position in the development of floor mosaics.
Surprising light effects, ethereal white, gold and platin um ton-sur-ton modulations, sudden lively changes in colour, reflections and alterations in iridescent black.

NeoGlass is an eclectic, highly versatile collection. It can be a unique panel, an inimitable artistic mosaic, or a model to be repeated in infinite colour variants. It can be created on the floor or on the wall.

It can be a pattern repeated over large surfaces, embellished here and there with decorative elements as for the Leaf line. Or it can generate fascinating Random results in a superlative random weave of Domes and Barrells tiles.

Or even, without any fancies over and above the essential, it can form the simple, elegant, single colours, perhaps circumscribed by a unique touch of frames, like moulding or personalised edging.

Quelle: SICIS 48123 Ravenna, Italy

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